The Aftermath

The CD De Bètacanon in polofonie also contains a piano four-hands piece, called The Aftermath, in a performance by Gerben Uilenbroek and Ruben Naeff.

" After years of studying abstract mathematics and music, I had no idea what I should do after my graduation. Should I become a consultant or a composer? I was shocked to learn that I might had to work for 60 hours a week, losing all my time I could also have been composing. That's why I quickly wrote a piano piece, then at least that one is in the pocket. The result is a vertiginous ride expressing all graduation emotions. "

- Ruben Naeff, May 2005


Gerben Uilenbroek and Ruben Naeff, CD recording.

Video excerpt

Excerpt of The Aftermath by Richard Valitutto and Ruben Naeff, Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival 2009