After a plain big bang, a dissonant germ initiates a strong swirling flow, in which the theme jumps around and unfolds into a piece of music. Headspring was commissioned by the Cadillac Moon Ensemble.

Live recording by the Cadillac Moon Ensemble: Roberta Michel (flute), Sean Statser (percussion), Patti Kilroy (violin), and Michael Midlarsky (cello).

A trilogy of ideas
A trilogy for duo, quartet, and octet of similar instrumentation and ideas, in which the musical theme originates in Headspring, wanders around in Wander & Wonder, and clashes with itself in Bash.


Wander & Wonder

It's usually only on holidays that I permit myself to just wander around in a neighborhood and start wondering about all things in life. When I do so, I often find myself wandering through my thoughts as well; making whimsical associations that I would never had found if my thinking actually had to pursue a purpose. This piece does the same musically: it goes out for a walk, freely associating and taking a lot of sidetracks.

Commissioned by vigil, Wander & Wonder was made possible by a grant from the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.

Wander & Wonder
Studio recording by vigil: Kelli Kathman (flute) and Bill Solomon (percussion).

1. Short walk, 2'

2. Long walk, 6'

Read ACF's interview (pdf) about this prize and collaboration.


NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble


A joyful party of clashing ideas. Bash was written for the NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Live recording of premiere by the NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble: Jonathan Haas (conductor), Anne Marie Dearth (flutes), Samuel Marques (clarinet), Matthew Lau (vibraphone), Jeremy Lowe (kick drum), Jeff Lankov (piano), Patti Kilroy (violin), Yu Chieh Lee (viola), Roxanne Hung (cello), and Pat Swoboda (bass).

Bash was performed on the 25th anniversary concert of the Bang on a Can Marathon in the World Financial Center in New York City and featured in 98.7 WFMT's Relevant Tones with Seth Boustead (see press section).