The Dancing Dollar

Complete series, work in progress.

Crisis Song

Introductory cabaret song by Maarten Schinkel about Dutch banking collapse in 2008.

For singer accompanied by accordion or guitar, 3½'. Lyrics by by Maarten Schinkel, economy editor of the national Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Commissioned by the Great Recession Party, performed by the Saelors.

The Dancing Dollar

You've Got to Get up and Dance. Featuring Citigroup's 95% fall in share price, its former chairman's famous quote, Financial Times headlines, a concise history of the American currency and a love song for capital.

For two sopranos, string quartet and double bass, two marimbas, oil drum and other percussion, 9'. Written for the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival.

Elevator Pitch

Trying to hit the right note, with only a hundred to spend. Inspired by a consultant's sales pitch.

[No recording]

For flute solo, ½'. Commissioned by flutist Kelli Kathman and the New York Miniaturist Ensemble.


About love for talking about economics and art.

For piano, percussion and pre-recorded samples, 8'. Commissioned by duo Andy Meyerson and Richard Valitutto. Dedicated to the Bang on a Can Summer Festival.


Contemporary creed for the faith in the free market economy. Rap and vocal counterpoint with texts from Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations.

Excerpt of live recording (~6min)

For choir (SATB, ≥5+5+3+3), accompanying themselves on small percussion, and double bass, 11'. Commissioned by the Erasmus Kamerkoor with support by the Van Bijleveltstichting and Stichting Fonds voor de Geld- en Effectenhandel, for the concert Ivo Opstelten, een profiel.

For the Deviants

Freeing yourself from the Faustian morale of the politicians. (Inspired by the Dutch politicians that reached the government, by selling their liberal soul and condemning every deviant voice.)

For l'Histoire du Soldat ensemble, 10'. Commissioned by the Deviant Septet.

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